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cms and wasteful to put them out of employment.
They must surely have learnt now what unem-
ployment means in terms of social disorganisation.
Governments will have to lay out the world, plan
and build for peace whether they like it or not.
But it will be asked, " Where will you find the
credit to do that ? " and to answer this question
we must reiterate the fact that money is an
expedient and not an end. The world will have
the material and the hands needed for a recon-
ditioning of its life everywhere. They are all
about you now crying out to be used. It is, or
at any rate it has been, the function of the con-
temporary money-credit system to bring worker
and material together and stimulate their union.
That system always justified its activities on that
ground, that is its claim to exist, and if it does
not exist for that purpose then for what purpose
does it exist and what further need is there for
it? If now the financial mechanism will not
work, if it confronts us with a non possumus, then
clearly it resigns its function.
Then it has to get out of the way. It will
declare the world has stopped when the truth
will be that the City has stopped. It is the
counting-house that has gone bankrupt. For a
long time now an increasing number of people
have been asking questions about the world